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What happened
when ex-hippie chick
Viet Nam war protestor

went to live and work in
Baghdad, Iraq for 3 years?

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Iraqi teenagers and Ali on Voting Day III,
15 December 2005

The Inside Story of
Operation Iraqi Freedom


“Want to know the real story of the war in Iraq? This is it! An intimate personal journey, well researched commentary, and a passionate, thoughtful, cogent set of stories-within-the story of Operation Iraqi Freedom recorded by someone who lived there in the formative years of ’04 to ’07. The fact that I, a retired Air Force officer and pilot am strongly endorsing the written work of a woman who once tried to shut down Wright Patterson Air Force base is a delicious irony. Ali’s perspectives on the war are the same as my own, and we could not have come from more disparate backgrounds. I love this book!”

Lt Col Robert “Buzz” Patterson, USAF (Ret) New York Times bestselling author of War Crimes, Dereliction of Duty, and Reckless Disregard.


My name is Ali Elizabeth Turner, and my book,
A Ballad for Baghdad: An Ex-hippie Chick Vietnam War Protester’s Three Years in Iraq is now available!

A Ballad for Baghdad is a compendium of soldier stories, Iraqi stories, interpreter stories and my own personal journal of the three years I was privileged to live in a truly remarkable time and place. During those three years I witnessed the joyous birth of a brave and fragile nation and watched from the sidelines as Iraq rid itself of one of the most evil dictators who has ever lived.

These are stories of courage, compassion and humor that you most likely will never hear from the mainstream media.

Why did I write this positive book about an unpopular but successful war? Because I gave my word to Iraqis, soldiers and interpreters that I would do everything I could to get their stories out.


“Perspectives on OIF I have never heard, and stories that are truly moving”

"SAW"  Former sniper for the Drug Enforcement Agency


You see, in the early ‘70’s I was caught up in the wave of anti-war activism that swept America’s college campuses, and tried to shut down the above mentioned Air Force Base as well as the Cleveland County, Ohio courthouse. I even ended up on the Cleveland evening news telecast as the spokesperson for the group! My dad, a retired WWII Naval Air Corps pilot said something I’ll never forget: “I may not agree with you, but I’ll fight like hell for your right to believe what you want to.”

However, as a punk college kid I didn’t “get it.” I didn’t understand that freedom isn’t free, nor did I ever get a chance to thank my dad for my many freedoms as an American woman. Saying “thank you” to my dad was one of the main reasons that I went to Iraq. While there, I listened to the stories of people who had been tortured by Saddam and made coffee for the Joes and Janes.


“Second chances don’t often come knocking at the door; sometimes you have to go out and make them. That’s exactly what Baby Boomer Ali Elizabeth Turner did in 2004 at the start of her three year odyssey in Iraq. In this endearing and spiritual story about self-redemption, we see how a ‘60s era war protester that “passionately wanted to see America destroyed” travels to the middle of a combat zone to seek forgiveness from the soldiers she once called “baby killers.”

Major Sean Michael Flynn, author of The Fighting 69th


No matter what you may think of the war in Iraq, there are remarkable tales of hope and determination that transcend politics, and you deserve to hear them. A Ballad for Baghdad is also an actual song, one that tells the tale of a thirst for freedom that won’t be quenched. Read the book and listen to the song A Ballad for Baghdad, written and sung by an intensely grateful woman.


“Transformation of a human being sometimes a cliché in a book, but this book tells the real thing. Ali’s storytelling weaves the incredible life changes of a woman (Ali) who turns from a radical war protester into a woman whose endless energy focuses on supporting our troops in a very real way. She went to war and lived among the troops in Iraq- and the truth set her free. Read this book or miss a real treat for the mind and heart.”

Catherine Moy, co-author of the bestseller American Mourning: Touched by War, Torn by Beliefs and Executive Director of Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop, grassroots nonprofit organization.


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Ali Turner

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